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Over 1700 sex scene descriptions from more than 1100 Hentai Anime videos, encompassing nearly 500 Hentai Anime titles.

Images used to illustrate articles about Hentai Anime or to show animation styles

Whether you're into nuns, girls wearing glasses, elves, or something else among more than 200 topics in 21 categories, you'll find titles that have what you're after.

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Hentai Anime videos (Seriously - there's about a billion other places for that)

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Hentai, What is it, really? is a well-written history of the rise of Hentai animation in Japan.

This scholarly article, "The Rise of Hentai Anime in America, Parts 1 and Part 2, may be the most authoritative description of the Hentai Anime phenomenon. I highly recommend it.

The obligatory Wikipedia Article on Hentai