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Video Title Ep Start Description Body Censored
Beat Angel Escalayer 1 09:46 Hetero sex finished off with a handjob by the maid The maid takes over from a glasses-wearing girl in white matching bra and panties, because she apparently has places to be.
Beat Angel Escalayer 2 08:59 Woman helps a guy over his sexual anxieties Assertive woman fucks young guy. You know she's wearing lacy, matching lingerie. The anal was unexpected.
Beat Angel Escalayer 2 18:42 Two women fight then fuck The winning woman sprouts a foot-long cock and gets it all inside her victim.
Beat Angel Escalayer 3 22:42 Hetero sex then a threesome with the maid He facials the glasses-wearing girl at the edge of the bed, then the maid joins in.
Beat Blades Haruka 1 05:54 Magical girl sucks and fucks her mentor Beautifully rendered.
Beat Blades Haruka 1 16:36 Girl strips, then fucks an older guy Apparently his sperm gives her some superhero ability called H-Power. Sure it does.
Beat Blades Haruka 2 17:06 Threesome with lesbians in a Japanese-style home These girls work well together.
Beat Blades Haruka 3 05:31 Lesbian sex with come swallowing Visually striking animation.
Beat Blades Haruka 3 11:20 Threesome with two pink-uniformed nurses Just transferring some more of that H-Power.
Beat Shot 1 07:04 Girl blows a golfer to sabotage his game Didn't this happen in Happy Gilmour? Implied Sex
Beat Shot 1 21:13 Sex in the woods during a golf tournament Talk about "rough" sex Implied Sex
Beautiful Sisters 1 04:56 Sister blows her little brother at bath time Puffy nipples
Beautiful Sisters 1 10:32 Buxom barista closes up shop to teach a young guy about sex Starbucks doesn't offer that. Not even on the secret menu.
Beautiful Sisters 1 19:59 Buxom woman visits a young guy's room for sex Her sister spies on them from the hallway. Ten to one, she starts masturbating.
Beautiful Sisters 1 23:52 Girl masturbates after watching her sister have sex

I could have predicted this. Oh wait, I did predict this when she watched her sister having sex.

Beautiful Sisters 2 01:10 Buxom girl begs a guy to be her first He was happy to oblige. The red flower petals falling on white snow was a nice touch.
Beautiful Sisters 2 10:51 Woman seduces a guy who then fucks her in the ass Widest gaping asshole of any scene.
Behind Closed Doors 1 04:26 Hetero sex at a country estate after dark He starts gently enough, but gets a little manic with the anal.
Behind Closed Doors 2 17:12 Several guys sexually abuse several women Girls gets fisted and there's a POV from inside her vagina.
Behind Closed Doors 3 03:01 Guy and three maids sexually abuse a hooded woman Guy face-fucks a mysterious hooded woman who's identity is revealed after he comes in her mouth.
Behind Closed Doors 3 08:07 Clone of Guy and three maids sexually abuse a hooded woman The guy who face-fucked her tries to rescue her, but wait, then again, she wants him to fuck her. And he wants stick his shoe in her pussy then fuck her in the ass. But, first, that other girl apparently wants to stick her fist up there.
Best of Kitty 1 19:55 Best part of saving the universe - The after party and orgy What a great team building exercise. Implied Sex
Best of Kitty 2 04:00 Woman masturbates in the shower Short and not very explicit, but a good early example of the oevre.
Best of Kitty 2 14:02 Several thugs rape several nuns All nuns in hentai anime end up having sex - willingly or otherwise
Best of Kitty 3 03:44 Blond twins blowjob then lesbians To be clear, the lesbians are not the blond twins. Believe me, I’m as sorry as you are. Implied Sex
Best of Kitty II 1 15:46 Masked man ties up and rapes a girl He finger fucks her then puts his fingers in her mouth. Implied Sex
Best of Kitty II 2 02:08 Evil guy rapes girl - maybe a tentacle or two involved That is some eerie lighting. Implied Sex
Best of Kitty II 3 00:00 Man licks a bound girl's pussy on the grandest piano ever Includes a view from inside looking out. It's dark in there.
Best of Kitty III 1 09:26 A glass of wine and a blowjob seals the deal Dated animation, but a top-tier, mature blowjob, nonetheless. Implied Sex
Best of Kitty III 2 03:41 Woman showers then masturbates while a guy peeps The feel sheer panties sets her off. Implied Sex
Best of Kitty III 2 07:00 Girl fucks an older man in a hotel room It’s our masturbating girl from scene one.
Best of Kitty III 3 04:48 Sparring women go all lesbian A floss, a finger fuck, then busted. Implied Sex
Best of Kitty IV 1 32:33 Blond in a bathtub blows a transgender person It’s implied, but the look of surprise and the face fuck are indicative of male genitalia. Implied Sex
Best of Kitty IV 2 04:58 Priest peeps at couple having sex in a barn Fucking priests! Am I right? Implied Sex
Best of Kitty IV 3 06:48 Woman blows and fucks a guy That is some very green hair
Best of Kitty Pleasure Pack 1 01:34 Man rapes a girl for video She thought she was only there to masturbate, but his dick said otherwise.
Best of Kitty Pleasure Pack 1 07:04 Sex with older man in an alley That old fart with his video camera again.
Best of Kitty Pleasure Pack 1 09:50 Waitress sexually abused by her boss He blackmails her with her sex tape.
Best of Kitty Pleasure Pack 1 18:39 Waitress gang-raped The cat is out of the proverbial bag.
Best of Kitty Pleasure Pack 2 13:33 Seifuku girl blows and fucks a guy in the park He gives her a huge facial right off the bat, then about five more.
Best of Kitty Pleasure Pack 2 19:07 Teacher blows and titty fucks her student in the school library She doesn’t seem happy to be there and appears less so when he shoves his middle finger three knuckles deep into her asshole.
Best of Kitty Pleasure Pack II 1 06:30 Glasses-wearing guy fucks a girl in the computer lab The nerd gets laid! Huzzah!
Best of Kitty Pleasure Pack II 1 21:43 Girlfriend says she's pregnant and sex ensues Guys with glasses
Best of Kitty Pleasure Pack II 1 20:00 Young couple has sex after getting soaked in the rain Premature ejaculation. Ouch.
Best of Kitty Pleasure Pack II 2 00:48 Brother tries to study while his sister has lesbian sex Either the walls are very thin, or she’s very loud.
Best of Kitty Pleasure Pack II 2 03:47 Sex with an older girl, including a reach around Vibrator stuck up his ass
Best of Kitty Pleasure Pack II 2 16:27 Guy unwittingly visits a dominatrix Sweetest dominatrix ever, with her orange, cat-rimmed glasses.
Best of Kitty Pleasure Pack II 2 23:30 Three girls tie down their friend for group, lesbian sex Nice friends, and look they brought a strap-on tool.
Bible Black 1 04:43 Hermaphrodite nurse fucks her student

Just so we're clear on the jargon. A hermaphrodite has both a penis and a vagina.

Bible Black 1 10:18 Couple fucks in a storage room The gym equipment room isn't always available.
Bible Black 1 24:00 Self-assured blond gives POV blowjob This could be the best blowjob in the Bible Black series - and that's a lot of blowjobs
Bible Black 2 04:17 Girl walks in just as her boyfriend comes on another girl's face

He pulls out to give his partner a giant facial.

Bible Black 2 11:50 Woman appears to fuck a guy to death He'll probably pull through, but not a bad way to go out.
Bible Black 2 17:45 Woman masturbates while a guy watches Seems like she's in a trance. At least, that's what she'll claim tomorrow.
Bible Black 2 18:48 Sex slaves of a hermaphrodite villain It's one big ritual fuck fest.
Bible Black 3 00:00 Hermaphrodite and her minions give a woman multiple enemas Then anally rape, and murder her
Bible Black 3 15:43 Guys gang-rape their classmate Several other classmates provide encouragement and helpful tips.
Bible Black 4 02:52 Hermaphrodite and her minions force a guy to anally rape a woman Reluctant at first, but he warms to the task.
Bible Black 4 10:05 Hermaphrodite and her minions rape a woman Handjob to completion while watching two guys rape a girl.
Bible Black 4 21:25 Buxom red-haired girl fucks a guy in his bedroom Bent over the bed with her skirt up to her waist.
Bible Black 5 05:01 Woman strokes, blows, and fucks a guy in his bedroom The red-haired girl isn't finished with him yet.
Bible Black 6 04:39 Students have an orgy in a darkened classroom Double spit roast, with a side of come swallowing.
Bible Black 6 14:45 Hetero sex in her bedroom She rims him during a reach around before he fucks her in the ass.
Bible Black 6 21:39 Blond girl blows and fucks a hermaphrodite She didn't even have that penis when they started, but she knows how to fuck a face.
Bible Black II 1 00:00 Two girls have sex in a classroom Elegant. Top tier. Bible Black is back!
Bible Black II 1 14:00 Girl strips and masturbates for the school assembly

Way better than her prepared remarks

Bible Black II 1 19:24 Girl resists her classmate's rough seduction attempt Must have been the nipple pinching
Bible Black II 1 22:46 Girl literally fucks a guy to death Not a bad way to go.
Bible Black II 2 18:48 Blond woman bound and gang-raped in a warehouse Why is there so often a female ring leader?
Bible Black III 1 06:24 Swimsuit-wearing girl blows and fucks a guy at a night-time pool Great night-time sex with an assertive blowjob.
Bible Black III 1 10:14 Many women in an office gang-raped at gun point A shotgun barrel in the ass. The safety’s on, right?
Bible Black III 2 17:13 Teacher and students drug and rape the vice principal Sporting a mullet, he was asking for it.
Bible Black III 2 22:35 Ritual vaginal cutting - ouch! - Scene continues in EP3 You're going to feel a little pinch.
Bible Black III 3 00:00 Raped by a hermaphrodite demon after ritual vaginal cutting I mean, what else is there to say except, she’s rescued by a magic nun.
Bible Black III 3 12:47 Patient emerges from coma and rapes his nurse - No gratitude He kneels on her chest and face-fucks his nurse
Bible Black III 3 20:50 Lesbians grope a nun, then grow dicks and fuck her in the ass The old bait a switch.
Bible Black III 4 00:24 Lesbians gang-rape a girl then hand her off to a bunch of boys She gets a huge enema before all of her cavities are filled.
Bible Black III 4 04:23 Patient anally rapes another patient - The sedation comes in handy After which he appears to stab her to death.
Bible Black III 4 11:10 Lesbians on the school rooftop All fun and games until someone grows a penis.
Bible Black III 4 17:49 Guy remembers that time his teacher fucked him As if she'd fuck a loser like him
Bible Black III 5 00:24 Girl drugs and ritually rapes a guy She pulls a guy into a whirling vortex of sex
Bible Black III 5 07:00 Ritual sex in front of onlookers including anal rape Who wouldn't want to see that?
Bible Black III 5 21:15 Continuation of gang rape rom EP4 You didn't forget about that?
Bible Black III 5 22:19 Buxom blond, sex-toy-rapes another woman There's a catch - She is forced to hold the dildo in with mouth
Bible Black III 6 00:00 Guy chokes a girl out then rapes her Spoiler alert: she survives.
Bible Black IV 1 02:43 Woman masturbates in the library restroom An older man interrupts and face-fucks her.
Bible Black IV 1 11:57 Guy fucks and gives a girl a facial on the school rooftop He fucks her against the chain link fence then pulls out to give her a facial.
Bible Black IV 1 15:15 Guy and three lesbians rape their classmate The girls are all in school swimsuits, and the glasses never leave the victim's face.
Bible Black IV 1 21:51 Buxom blond masturbates in the shower before a surprise threesome It's nice when friends, with big dicks, stop by.
Bible Black IV 2 01:22 Blond girl blows and fucks and guy in a classroom POV blowjob and handjob to completion
Bible Black IV 2 05:36 Woman jerks a guy off into a chalice Note to self - Beware of women collecting sperm in chalices.
Bible Black IV 2 07:02 Girl fucks a guy then collects his come in a chalice See above, regarding chalices and sperm.
Bible Black IV 2 08:28 Three students have sex with male science teacher Nice multi-girl blowjob, but why do they save his jizz in that chalice?
Bible Black IV 2 17:25 Hetero sex with bondage How did he overlook this character for so long?
Bizarre Cage 1 16:32 Hetero sex between heroes, outdoors She seems pretty mighty with the head dress and all, but he just bends her over and fucks her.
Bizarre Cage 2 23:26 Villain rapes the heroine This guy never takes off that gold suit.
Bizarre Cage 3 08:26 Man forces bound woman to blow him The guy in the gold suit face-fucks a girl, then gives her a facial.
Bizarre Cage 3 20:27 Guy fucks glasses-wearing patient in her hospital bed Nice nighttime scene with full moon, and leg bandages. She seems better now.
Black Gate Kanin no Gakuen 1 00:00 Girl in matching white bra and panties blows a guy in a classroom Particularly well-rendered stripping sequence
Black Gate Kanin no Gakuen 1 08:50 Lesbians on the school rooftop Top tier lesbian scene.