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Video Title Ep Start Description Body Censored
Desert Island Story XX 3 17:15 Two women and a girl hook up in a resort hotel room Pigtails, glasses-wearing girls, age differences - everything but Yul Brynner. All where the boys aren't.
Desert Island Story XX 4 15:17 Woman strips and blows a guy in a lab Me thinks he doth protest too much. Seriously.
Desperate Carnal Housewives 1 09:09 Man rapes a girl in a classroom Kidnapper deflowers girl.
Desperate Carnal Housewives 1 11:56 Three women forced into skimpy outfits then raped I keep hearing that Steely Dan song, "I'm never going back to my old school".
Desperate Carnal Housewives 2 00:00 Dark-skinned man rapes a girl on a school bus Bloody anal rape. Rare dark skin
Destined for Love 1 00:00 Guy jerks off listening to a couple fucking on the rooftop He's so excited he drops his hotdog and imagines he's fucking the girl
Destined for Love 1 06:40 Buxom sister-in-law flashes her pussy from a step stool She literally falls all over him. Coo coo, ca choo, Mrs. Robinson.
Destined for Love 1 11:25 Buxom woman cooks for a guy, then fucks him The sister-in-law who flashed him in the kitchen.
Destined for Love 1 19:53 School nurse teaches a guy all about sex His sister-in-law fucks him in her daytime gig as the school nurse.
Destined for Love 1 22:37 Couple has first-time sex in a night-time hotel room She was supposed to have married his brother. Hmmm.
Destined for Love 2 03:24 Student sex on a desk Deflowered in matching pink bra and panties over a lab table.
Destined for Love 2 10:44 Students meet on the school rooftop for sex Remember that time he watched a girl get raped on this rooftop?
Destined for Love 2 22:29 Youth sex in a hospital room She recovered quickly from the unfortunate rooftop accident.
Dirty By The Dozen 1 05:43 Guy fucks a girl in the gym equipment room Why is his penis so red? Is he okay?
Dirty By The Dozen 1 11:24 Glasses-wearing girl blows a man at his desk He looks like her grandfather.
Dirty By The Dozen 1 16:34 Woman masturbates in the school restroom She masturbates with her bloody tampon.
Dirty By The Dozen 1 18:11 Hetero sex in the library Glasses-wearing teacher fucks a glasses-wearing student.
Dirty By The Dozen 2 01:28 Teen threesome in the gym equipment room Someone is eavesdropping - and almost certainly jerking off.
Dirty By The Dozen 2 09:21 Teacher fucks to students in the library Is that five paintbrushes in her pussy? Shouldn't those be in the art room?
Dirty Laundry 1 00:00 Woman flashes her panties and seduces the laundry delivery boy She stretches the panties from her lacy black lingerie over the guy’s head during sex.
Dirty Laundry 1 08:21 Woman lets the young laundry delivery boy spank her He smacks her ass with a rug beater while she blows him on her knees.
Dirty Laundry 1 13:26 Delivery boy watches his coworker masturbate She overcomes her embarrassment and puts her blowjob lips to good use.
Dirty Laundry 2 03:32 Sex in the laundry van with the shades down If the van is rockin’ don’t bother knockin’.
Dirty Laundry 2 09:07 Mature woman strips to seduce the laundry delivery boy Spoiler alert - it works. She unzips his pants with her stockinged foot.
Discipline 1 05:43 Large-breasted woman surprises a guy in the bath She arrives with a vibrator already in her ass.
Discipline 1 17:23 School nurse drugs guy for sexual slavery Buxom blond in red leather does a hard face sit.
Discipline 2 02:12 Coach watches her students have sex then joins them She slaps the hell out of a guy before he fucks a girl in a blue, school swimsuit.
Discipline 2 10:00 Group sex in a locker room Two women tie a guy to a bench, stuff panties in his mouth, and fuck him silly.
Discipline 2 13:13 One guy with many women at the pool He gets served up like hors d'oeuvres.
Discipline 3 17:49 Dominatrix and her minions gang-rape a girl

Props on the matching leather outfits for like, fifteen guys. What's that? They're electrified.

Discipline 4 10:50 Lesbians in a locker room Older girl feels up a double-pony-tailed girl in a school gymsuit.
Discipline 4 12:46 Masked men gang-rape a woman as her classmates watch and direct Stick it here. Stick it there. Everyone's a critic.
Discipline 4 19:27 Sex in front of an audience Nice job with the balls before taking a mouthful so large that she passes out.
Discipline 4 24:15 Pilot fucks her passenger in flight That's a fighter jet. So who's Top Gun now, bitch?
Discipline 5 07:24 Maid falls down the garbage shute and gets raped Raped by the garbage men. It's probably a union thing.
Discipline 5 17:12 Student teacher sex, including being jabbed in the balls It's hard to picture any scenario where that's enjoyable. The jabbed in the balls part.
Discode 1 02:22 Hermaphrodite masturbates in the school restroom They literally drench the stall with come.
Discode 1 04:30 Hermaphrodite masturbates in his/her bedroom while on the phone This person shoots the biggest loads ever.
Discode 1 06:17 Hermaphrodite with girl in the school library Girl discovers her female classmate has a dick and she wants a piece of that action.
Discode 1 10:30 Two men force a hermaphrodite to masturbate in the park Appropos of nothing. They all come together.
Discode 1 14:55 Nympho fucks a hermaphrodite at school These two were meant for each other.
Discode 2 00:00 Girl services three guys in the school locker room This girl is in control
Discode 2 03:16 Brother jerks off watching his sister masturbate in the shower She knows he's watching and will fuck him in a later scene.
Discode 2 05:06 Girl blows a boy in the school restroom She directs him to put his hands on her head and skull fuck her.
Discode 2 08:18 Girl entices three guys to gang-bang her She even breaks the fourth wall to make sure you get that she's doing this on purpose. Great dialog.
Discode 2 11:52 Sister catches her brother masturbating and incest ensues This is after getting gang-banged at school.
Discode 3 00:00 Threesome with a hermaphrodite in a classroom She’s wearing a chastity belt, but the guys work around it.
Discode 3 04:20 Girl fucks a hermaphrodite on the school rooftop These two just can’t get enough of each other.
Discode 3 07:42 Guy has sex with a hermaphrodite He jerks her off while he licks her pussy.
Discode 3 13:48 Guys gang-rape a hermaphrodite in a classroom Arranged by nympho girl.
Dishonor Student 1 01:50 Girl puts on gym uniform for a guy I think we all know where this is going.
Dishonor Student 1 06:19 Many older men gang-bang a girl This girl is a human come bucket. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Divine Luv 1 20:13 Uptight researcher lets her hair down There’s a sensuous woman in lacy maroon lingerie lurking beneath the lab coat.
Divine Luv 2 20:13 Hetero sex in a bedroom after dark He takes his time undressing her, then they make love under a full moon.
Divine Luv 3 00:00 Blond-haired girl masturbates through her panties An ass-off-the-bed orgasm.
Divine Luv 3 06:31 Maid masturbates while peeping at a couple having sex She has a pistol, but masturbates instead of fending off the intruder. It’s all about priorities.
Divine Luv 4 00:00 Woman masturbates while getting fucked It’s like she’s saying “You don’t have enough dick for me".
DNA Hunter 1 01:40 Woman fucks a guy in a night-time, high-rise apartment Maybe the only scene where characters smoke after sex.
DNA Hunter 1 14:02 Two couples share a hotel room No modesty here, but some stunning views of the city.
DNA Hunter 1 20:56 Red-haired woman has dinner and sex with a much older man She's an undercover operative willing to do anything for the mission.
DNA Hunter 2 00:00 Guy pulls out and jerks off on glasses-wearing-girl's face He turns her around and puts her on her knees facing him.
DNA Hunter 2 08:14 Red headed woman exchanges oral sex with a much older man She working her way up through the criminal organization.
DNA Hunter 2 11:59 Red-haired woman fucks an older man and his lesbian friends Women on leashes? Probably overkill.
DNA Hunter 3 01:58 Red-haired operative fucks her colleague Drinks and a shower first.
DNA Hunter 3 07:32 Entire crime-fighting team is kidnapped and raped Going by their kidnapper's matching purple shirts and yellow ties, they must be in a band.
DNA Hunter 3 20:46 Three thugs gang-rape a red-haired woman The guys in the purple shirts are back.
Do You Know the Milfing Man 1 02:08 Guy spies on his father and step-mother having sex Son seems pissed when his father just rolls away and falls asleep without a word.
Do You Know the Milfing Man 1 09:10 Woman catches her step-son jerking off To be specific, he was jerking off into her panties while fantasizing about her.
Do You Know the Milfing Man 1 10:16 Barista drugs a guy, then closes up shop and takes him home When he wakes up, she’s sucking his cock.
Do You Know the Milfing Man 1 21:00 Guy fucks his step-mother next to his sleeping father Ouch! Cuckold much?
Do You Know the Milfing Man 2 00:00 Guy keeps fucking his step-mother beside his sleeping father

His dad is like, right there! He sleeps right there next to them as they fuck.

Do You Know the Milfing Man 2 05:45 Guy walks in on his friend's mother masturbating and sex ensues The only scene where a woman puts her glasses on during sex?
Do You Know the Milfing Man 2 12:12 Guy joins his step-mother in the shower He's not there to wash her back.
Do You Know the Milfing Man 2 16:59 Guy and his step-mother are finally alone Naturally, he ties her up face down fucks her in the ass. After he comes, she goes ass to mouth.
Doctor Shameless 1 07:12 Doctor gives a girl a special examination The patient slowly strips to begin the exam.
Doctor Shameless 1 14:30 Nurse fucks and sucks her patient I belabor this, but her nursing cap never leaves her head.
Doctor Shameless 1 19:29 Girl masturbates before a crowd of men on a train platform Then has sex in the restroom
Doctor Shameless 2 13:20 Woman unpacks the groceries then masturbates with a carrot She strips off her dress and panties and goes face down and ass up on the kitchen floor.
Doctor Shameless 2 15:14 Husband walks in on his wife and daughter engaged in a threesome They tie him up and make him watch.
Dollhouse 1 19:50 Guy rapes a girl in the barn A roll in the hay with an added face fuck.
Dollhouse 2 04:00 Guy fucks a maid in the library I don't mind a little noise at the library, but anal sex is going too far.
Doura 1 22:48 Hetero sex in an old-timey house after dark She blows him on her knees, then he fucks her from behind.
Dragon Rider 1 12:14 Woman masturbates in a bedchamber She imagines a guy with blue hair.
Dream Hazard 1 09:29 Glasses-wearing girl used as a sexual science experiment Is the vaginal fisting part of the test?
Dutchess of Busty Mounds 1 09:43 Woman fucks the stable boy She slaps him with a riding crop then strips and orders him to lick her pussy.
Dutchess of Busty Mounds 1 15:51 Sex with the stable boy Blond girl with double ponytails fucks and sucks a boy in the woods.
Dutchess of Busty Mounds 1 19:22 Mistress blows the stable boy She slaps him with the whip again before she blows him and takes a facial, but it seems like he's on board.
Dutchess of Busty Mounds 2 05:20 Stable boy peeps while girl is gang-banged in the barn Three guys service a blond-haired, double-ponytailed girl.
Dutchess of Busty Mounds 2 03:23 Guy fucks a woman while another is gang-banged in a barn Both scenes intertwine.
Dyogrammaton 1 06:47 Girl fucks a guy in the bath then blows him in the bedroom He fucks her from behind then comes on her face.
Dyogrammaton 1 16:19 Evil guy ties up and face-fucks a woman No word on how she arrived there.
Dyogrammaton 2 08:53 Woman strips and gives a guy a very long blowjob She doesn’t tell him she was a virgin.
Ecchies 1 04:21 Daughter watches parents have sex How adult of them to demonstrate the birds and the bees.
Ecchies 1 21:47 Girl masturbates while the proud parents watch She wants some pointers because she plans to masturbate for her boyfriend.
Ecchies 2 02:18 Young couple has first-time sex Those parental lessons paid off.
Ecchies 2 16:38 Young couple has last-time sex He finds out later she was sick and she died. Downer, I know.
El 1 14:00 Torture and sexual abuse Seems like some sort of training regimen.
El 2 09:54 Two women sixty-nine in a hotel room Vivid, with blue and red hair. Top tier.
Elfen Laid 1 00:00 Several soldiers rape an elf Her friend is murdered during all this.
Elfen Laid 2 03:40 An elf is shocked to encounter her first uncircumsized penis Uncircumsized penis - rare in hentai anime