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Video Title Ep Start Description Body Censored
Elfina 1 00:00 Soldier deflowers a girl in the woods There's a new regime in town.
Elfina 1 05:15 Princess forced to blow her conqueror in front of a crowd To the victor go the blowjobs.
Elfina 1 20:23 Conqueror sticks a dildo in the maid so she can fuck the princess They say absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Elfina 2 04:18 Princess forced to masturbate in front of her imprisoned prince He doesn't seem to notice, all chained to the wall and all.
Elfina 2 07:25 Conqueror forces the maid to blow him during a council Personally, I prefer bagels and coffee at meetings.
Elfina 2 13:28 Maid fucks and sucks the imprisoned prince That should lift his spirits - among other things.
Elfina 2 16:38 Entire town gang-bangs the princess She's a woman of the people.
Elfina 3 00:00 Several men gang-rape two sisters in a tavern Things are getting out of control under the new regime.
Elfina 3 02:32 Princess blows and fucks the prince on his throne He seems pretty bored with the whole warrior-king thing.
Elfina 3 21:08 Conqueror introduces his old flame for a threesome The princess fucks the old flame in the ass.
Elven Bride 1 01:54 Wedding night elf sex Who knew elves liked rim jobs Implied Sex
End of Summer 1 21:09 Guy goes down on a girl and fucks her in the nurse's office He strips off her school gymsuit and licks her pussy through her pink panties.
End of Summer 2 20:10 Hetero sex on the playground after dark Very sensual, yet no sexual organs are shown. Well done!
Endless Serenade 1 01:12 Guy fucks a girl with purple hair And yes, she's a natural purple.
Enspelled 1 05:10 Young looking wife has sex with her older husband Nice face fuck and swallow.
Enspelled 1 08:50 Wife gives her husband a head start before he goes to work He seemed sort of over the whole spontaneous blowjob thing.
Enspelled 1 12:35 Glasses-wearing woman strips and fucks a guy Nice lingerie when she strips off the pink robe.
Enspelled 2 02:29 Witch and her hermaphrodite minnions She appears to be using semen as a power up.
Enspelled 2 06:58 Outdoor sex with his very young-looking wife Remembering when he popped her cherry in the night-time park. Ah, good times.
Enspelled 2 12:45 Sex with his mother-in-law She enspelled him and his wife, her daughter, is not pleased.
Enyoku Captivating Lust 1 01:52 Guy fucks his teacher in the library He pulls out and facials his english teacher. Who hasn't wanted to do that?
Enyoku Captivating Lust 1 11:30 Teacher masturbates while watching two of her students sixty nine She arrived too late for the caramel apples, but not too late for the show.
Enyoku Captivating Lust 1 14:30 Teacher fucks her student She'll show his little girlfriend how it's done - anally.
Erotic Adventures of Tom Thumb 1 05:34 Guy masturbates while watching a girl masturbate in bed The guy is, you guessed it, the size of a thumb.
Erotic Adventures of Tom Thumb 1 17:35 Sex with his teacher She undresses to reveal matching, yellow lingerie.
Erotic Adventures of Tom Thumb 2 05:29 Blond girl masturbates on her bed while a thumb-size guy watches She has a young Kirsten Dunst vibe, until she pisses at the end.
Erotic Adventures of Tom Thumb 2 09:39 Guys abducts and rape a girl This comes out of nowhere.
Erotic Adventures of Tom Thumb 2 16:52 Couple fucks in the gym equipment room Sometimes good things do happen in a gym equipment room.
Erotic Temptress 1 03:30 Two men and their many shadowy minions gang-rape a girl The evil mastermind carries around cat.
Evocation 1 07:53 An elf appears in a guy's room and blows him As elves so often do.
Fairy of the Forest 1 04:12 Guy rapes a fairy Guy jerks off on her face. If a fairy is raped in the forest, can you hear her scream?
Family of Debauchery 2 12:46 Shemale fucks restrained sister All this time I thought you were a girl. Plus, you're uncircumcised!
Fencer of Minerva 1 17:19 Girl's first lesbian sex is a threesome Females of various ages take advantage of their turquoise-haired captor. Implied Sex
First Love 1 07:10 Sister gives her brother a reach around before fucking him You had me at reach around.
First Love 1 19:45 Sister and brother fuck and suck in a night-time pool Well conceived scene with great night-time animation.
First Love 2 01:28 Guy follows a girl home from school, then deflowers her Not in a stalkerish way, but she seems awfully put out.
First Love 2 07:42 Young couple fucks and sucks in a hotel room She seems very angry, especially after he skull fucks her.
First Love 2 14:37 Reluctant girl gives in and fucks her boyfriend He face-fucks her hard for making him wait.
First Love 3 02:47 Girl saves her virginity for her childhood friend She waited since high school? Fuck!
First Love 3 14:31 Girl blows and fucks her childhood friend She’s proud of herself when she deep throats then swallows. You go girl.
First Loves 1 18:56 Hetero sex, first time - for both parties From 1995, an early example of first love. Implied Sex
Five Card 1 06:26 Gym teacher rapes a student in the gym equipment room Gym teacher rapes the purple-haired girl. And makes a video to remind her later.
Five Card 1 18:44 Guy joins girl for sex in their hotel room shower She drops to her knees and blows him, first thing.
Five Card 2 07:47 Gym teacher rapes a student in a classroom He's not lecherous, he's only drawn that way. Nah! He's lecherous.
Five Card 2 20:23 Woman masturbates with a hotdog, corncob, eggplant Also with carrots and giant radish
Five Card 3 02:38 Blond woman fucks an older man in a hotel room He leaves cash on the bed.
Five Card 3 05:06 School custodian videos two women raping a third The gym teacher and two students lesbian rape the blond-haired girl. That's called synergy.
Five Card 3 15:47 Teacher and student in a hotel room Naturally someone is videotaping.
Five Card 3 20:12 Teacher fucks his student in the gym equipment room He feels like he's being watched as he fucks the green-haired girl.
Five Card 4 00:00 Guy fucks a green-haired woman in the gym equipment room They beat her with one of those bamboo sticks like that American kid in Singapore, back in the 1990s, then the guy from the hotel room face-fucks and comes in her mouth.
Five Card 4 04:35 Glasses-wearing blond fucks her teacher in the school locker room It's the quiet ones you never suspect.
Five Card 4 10:33 Teacher fucks a student on the school rooftop The purple-haired girl raped by the gym teacher three episodes ago.
Five Card 4 23:23 Teacher has group sex with students in a hotel room Everybody fucks everybody. That anal lube at the end looks worrisome for the teacher.
Flashback Game 1 11:30 Guys gang-rape a glasses-wearing girl in the park after dark Female ring leader gives direction to her male minions
Flashback Game 1 20:16 Lesbians with bondage Dominatrix with a double dildo. Like a double-necked guitar.
Flashback Game 2 08:18 Man forces a girl to blow him and swallow That is a large dick and a tiny girl.
Flashback Game 2 12:25 Lesbians in a beach cabin Wow. Sex at sunset near the ocean. Top tier.
Flashback Game 2 19:45 Lesbians with an age difference after dark Woman comes to a younger woman’s room.
Flashback Game 3 02:35 Lesbians share a dildo Serious rimming before fucking.
Flashback Game 3 06:01 Girl masturbates while spying on a threesome They always do.
Fleshdance 1 06:38 Mature woman fingers a guy's ass while she blows him She jerks him to orgasm, then sits on his face
Fleshdance 1 13:20 Guy watches a gang bang then takes sloppy fifths Who's that spying on them at the end?
Fleshdance 2 02:48 Guy has sex with two large-breasted women in the woods

In a row. Not at the same time. Great on-the-knees blowjob and titty fuck.

Fleshdance 2 09:06 Large-breasted woman fucks a younger guy in a Japanese style home She asks him to fuck her in the ass.
Flower and Snake 1 00:00 Bound MILF in a kimono is sexually abused for an audience She is stripped and face-fucked by a guy wearing a mask with a dildo protruding from it. I shit you not. He gets his face all up in her business.
Flower and Snake 1 06:13 MILF blows and fucks a younger guy in a hotel He saunters away, afterwards. Wham bam, thank you ma'am.
Flower and Snake 1 10:19 Heathers direct a girl's rape They beat her with one of those bamboo sticks like that American kid in Singapore, back in the 1990s, then the guy from the hotel room face-fucks and comes in her mouth.
Flower and Snake 1 16:40 MILF forced to have sex in front of her daughter The female ring leader kicks the hell out of her while she's bound on the floor, then the yellow-haired guy from the hotel room shows up, and - hey, Mom! Do you have to enjoy it so much?
Flower and Snake 2 02:04 Bound woman blows and fucks a guy in the back seat of a van Purple-haired MILF gets pounded by the yellow-haired guy on the way to be raped.
Flower and Snake 2 08:37 Woman sits on tied-up-girl's face then gets rimmed The ring leader strips to her white stockings, then face-sits hard on the kidnapped daughter, who is so into it she rims her captor. Now that is some Stockholm Syndrome.
Flower and Snake 2 16:40 Daughter and boyfriend forced to have sex in the woods It becomes a contest of who can make their victim come first.
Flower and Snake 2 23:05 Guy sexually abuses MILF before an eager audience. At the end, they all raise their hands to be next. Uh oh.
Flower and Snake 3 02:38 The ring leader lights the victim's pubic hair on fire Daughter's outdoor rape continues with lesbian finger-fucking and rimming, along with getting her pubes lit on fire and having to piss to put it out. So, that happened.
Flower and Snake 3 06:37 MILF practices vaginal control with bananas and an egg Meanwhile, he daughter is masturbating for several people in the forest.
Flower and Snake 3 13:05 Mother and daughter lesbians perform for an audience At nearly fifteen minutes, this is by far the longest lesbian scene that isn't an entire episode. Stiletto heel in the vagina. Ouch!
Flutter of Birds 1 12:36 Shy girl strips, the fucks a guy in a night-time, Japanese home Short but sweet scene of young love.
Flutter of Birds 2 07:35 Nurse titty-fucks a guy in the storage building Must be the "head" nurse because she has dirty knees.
Flutter of Birds II 1 23:12 Hetero sex at home on a snowy night A beautiful scene of a guy and his green-haired girlfriend making love on a snowy evening.
Flutter of Birds II 2 10:15 Couple has sex at a secluded grotto Beautiful place to give a girl a facial.
Flutter of Birds II 2 23:02 Young couple has sex on a snowy night Girl in white boxer briefs blows her guy, the fucks him with her knees up to her shoulders.
Fobia 1 08:57 Girl strips out of her seifuku That's all. She just undresses - oh wait - tentacles. Hell!
Four Play 1 06:14 Girl masturbates for two boys then has a threesome with them She explains that she has a medical condition that makes her lift her skirt, masturbate, and invite boys to fuck her.
Foxy Nudes 1 06:51 Transactional blowjob This news reporter does what it takes to get the story. Even if what it takes is giving a blowjob.
Foxy Nudes 1 22:25 Guy face-fucks a girl on live tv Our intrepid news reporter arranged this with a well-placed blowjob.
Foxy Nudes 2 04:54 Man rapes a woman on a balcony during televised news coverage We may be talking Pulitzer for this coverage.
Foxy Nudes 2 21:19 Woman seduces a guy in a restaurant MILF goes ass to mouth, then swallows, as another woman watches
Frantic Frustrated Female 1 01:51 Girl watches little sister masturbate Despite hours of trying, she can’t get off.
Frantic Frustrated Female 1 03:25 Girl tries to help her little sister have her first orgasm Aww. It’s sweet how they get along.
Frantic Frustrated Female 2 05:48 Three girls try to help their friend have her first orgasm This orgasm thing is getting out of control.
Frantic Frustrated Female 3 05:44 Strap-on-wearing girl fucks a hermaphrodite That's a sentence I never expected to write
Fruits Cup 1 16:58 Girl masturbates before being raped Great! Another asshole with a video camera.
Fruits Cup 2 01:17 Girl masturbates while guy watches on video feed Ass up and face down in her school gym suit with the red shorts.
Fruits Cup 2 06:23 Guy jerks off with a girl's panties then rapes her Guy jerks off with girl's panties
Fruits Cup 2 11:34 Teen girl masturbates in bed then is joined for lesbian sex Apparently, the blue and aqua hair is natural
Futari Ecchi 1 17:49 Husband and wife have early-marriage sex You remember it.
Futari Ecchi 2 04:57 Woman phones a friend during cunnilingus Bet you can't guess what I'm doing right now.
Futari Ecchi 3 05:32 Couple joins the mile-high club in the airplane bathroom Um, that is not his wife. Implied Sex
Futari Ecchi II 1 19:03 Wife strips then sex beneath the Xmas tree Sweet how she carefully folds her clothes including the matching, white panties and bra. Implied Sex
Fuzzy Lips 1 00:00 Student fucks and sucks her tutor They sixty-nine until he facials her, then his fucks her.
Fuzzy Lips 1 10:57 Student blows her teacher, then jerks him to completion She licks his balls and rims him while she strokes him.